Audio Services

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sdMusic Recording

Take your music to the level you deserve with our professional recording services. Using computer based (DAW digital audio
workstation) recording, we offer unlimited tracks for our in-house recordings. In addition, we have 32 track, on-site, and live remote recording services also available.


Using computer based digital mastering, we can adjust levels, balance EQ, and make your recordings the loudest possible using the highest quality software and plugins.


Music Editing

Need your music shortened, or converted to another format? We have years of experience cutting music for dance studios. We can speed up, slow down, or cut your music, making transitions seamless. Whoever you are, whatever you need, we can help. All kinds of music editing is done
routinely across the country by Mind’s Eye Music Studios,
effortlessly, and without artifacts.

CD Production

Beyond mastering, produce your CD with a variety of features, including Live CD’s without stops. Add those popular “hidden tracks”, cool cross-fades, and so much more to your CD. Make your music
special and stand out!