Video Clients

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Live Shows/IMAG (Image Magnification)
Community Arts Center                                  Jungle Jack Hanna
Penn Stat University                                       T-Boone Pickens
Glenn Beck                                                     Pennsylvania College of Technology
Geisinger Health                                             First United Methodist Church

Live Event Recordings
Re-Creation USA Inc.                                    Susquehanna Valley Chorale
Williamsport Symphony Orchestra                Michael Cavanaugh
Joshua Kane (Shakespearean Actor)            Mike Garson (David Bowie)
Lewisburg High School (Play)                        Milton High School (Play)
Jersey Shore High School (Play)                   Lycoming Valley Theatre Club (Play)
Studio Red – (Dance Recital)                         Selinsgrove Dance Studio
Downtown Dance                                           Young Artist Competition (WSO)

Promotional Video/Commercials
Community Arts Center                                  Susquehanna Health
Re-Creation USA Inc                                      Williamsport Symphony Orchestra
BVL (Bowlers to Veteran’s Link)                     HHV (Help Hospitalized Veterans)
The Core Solution                                          Williamsport HS Strolling Strings
Steve Shope for Commissioner

Susquehanna Valley Youth Chorale                Allie Weiler- Down at the Toolshed (Kids)

“Behind the Runway” – Re-Creation                “Bobby McCreary-A Place in Music History”
“Help the Earth & the Environment,” –  A Child’s View of Recycling

Instructional/Training Video
Reptiland                                                         Music Publishing
Citizen’s and Northern Bank


I wanted to let you know that I was blown away by the beautiful job you did in videotaping the Studio Red Spring performance! I love all the different angles and the use of multiple cameras. Not to mention the close-ups! I have seen many dance videos, but none that captured the show like you guys did! Thank you so much for preserving my child’s 1st recital in such a professional way! – Brandi Smith

Producing a full-length DVD is a tedious process. Xavier and the team at Mind’s Eye
come with their prompt and efficient nature, their ability to adapt
on-the-fly, their…and this is something rare… a genuine enthusiasm for YOUR work, the
actual project itself! Their desire to see your vision come to life brings an
unprecedented joy to the process! I’ve produced over 20 full-length DVD projects with
Mind’s Eye and I wouldn’t trade their personal approach for anything! – Jay Muller, Director
Re-Creation USA, Inc