Audio Clients

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Mind’s Eye Music Studios maintains a client list of the area’s finest musicians, performers and recording artists.

Live/Classical Recordings
Williamsport Symphony Orchestra                            Trinity Episcopal Church
Repasz Band                                                             Lycoming College
Williamsport Chamber Choir & Orchestra                 West Branch Chorale
Rappahannock Pops Orchestra                                Alexandria Singers
St. Matthew Family Choir                                          Rappahannock Regional Library
Colonial Forge High                                                   Penn State University

Studio/Multitrack Productions
Re-Creation USA Inc                                                 Davy Jones (The Monkees)
Mike Garson (David Bowie)                                       Discovery Channel (TLC)
Fiona Powell (Storyteller)                                           Lycoming College
Staticat                                                                       Kinsey
Johnny J. Blair                                                            Alice Weiler
Hunter Wentzler                                                         Infinite Bliss
Rubber Soul                                                               Mallory Scoppa Band
Silenus                                                                       Dr. Dye
Hugh Ross                                                                 EXP
Deadhorse                                                                 The Dirty Nickels
Black Marble                                                              Ron Fleeger
Daniel McMains                                                         ERIS
Heart & Soul                                                              Word2Soul
Imperial Norton Trio                                                   Lauren Druash

Dance Studios
Studio Red                                                                 Billy Ross
Barton & Williams School of Dance                           The Dance Spot

Sound for Video
Ben Mandell                                                                Adam Dana Shapiro


“Our audio projects with Minds Eye Music are superlative! We always get a
competitive commercial sound! While the end result is everything we want, it’s the
relationship that makes the process even sweeter! Xavier and his team work
conscientiously, professionally, timely and without any of the ‘drama’ so often
associated with this business! Thanks to Minds Eye Music, we are producing at the top of our game!” – Jay Muller, Director Re-Creation USA, Inc.

“I’m ecstatic that Scott’s studio is in Williamsport. When he built Mind’s Eye he thoroughly acoustified the place and there is more than adequate backline gear. Morever, the control room is state of the art and Scott is always striving to learn more about the gear and keep on top of the technology. He’s a great communicator, skilled musician and just plain great to work with as a professional and a person. I’ve done several projects there, ranging from commercials to new music, and he makes things fly. Let’s hear it for “Abbey Road by the Park.” – Johnny J. Blair

“Mind’s Eye and Scott were excellent to work with in our project. He can multi-task and is very focused on the work at hand. He knows when to just be a tool and when to steer the crazy musicians back to the work in the present. Scott has a good ear and helped keep the intonation true. I would recommend his studio and engineering to anyone.” – Steve Mitchell, Grammy Winning Drummer